General business conditions



This web site is operated by the company listed on the About us page accessible from the Site’s Home Page.


Everyone who fills in and submits the registration form in the system becomes a user of the system. By checking the “I accept these terms and conditions” check box and clicking the Submit button on the registration page you accept these General Business Conditions.


The operator hereby issues these General Business Conditions, in accordance with the provisions of § 273 of Act 513/1991, as amended, the Commercial Code. These Conditions regulate all the relations between the operator and all users (legal as well as physical entities) of the system that is available on the Internet. It is possible to agree on a different set of conditions than is given in this document and such arrangements shall be given priority over these conditions.


If you register as a user of the system, you declare that you are at least 18 years old and that your registration information, as well as all other data you provide using other forms throughout the system is truthful, accurate and complete. A user name and a password is chosen by every User and it is the responsibility of Users to protect this data and to make sure that it is not abused by a third person.


The JobLink system can be used in three ways:

  • by Users who need to find Candidates for job vacancies in their company or in their clients’ companies. Elsewhere in the text these Users are generally called “Employer”.
  • by Users who provide references to Employers for Candidates or other people who might know suitable Candidates. Elsewhere in the text these Users are generally called “Referrers”.
  • by Users who apply for job offers submitted by Employers to the JobLink system. Elsewhere in the text these Users are generally called “Candidates”.


The Referral Reward will be shared equally among the number of Referrers who together have connected the successful Candidate with the Employer.

The Referral Reward can be paid to Referrers only if the hired Candidate was hired through the system and the hired Candidate’s employment is not terminated within 90 days of the job start date.

The operator is not able to disburse Referral Reward money to Referrers unless it has received payment from the Employer that submitted the job offer to the JobLink system.

Referrers entitled to a Referral Reward payment are required to sign a “contract of services” with the operator as specified in § 273 paragraph 1 of the Czech Labor Code, thus Referrers may be asked relevant personal information to facilitate the drawing up of the contract.

Referrers are hereby informed that the operator will deduct tax from the amount of the Referral Reward in accordance with the “contract of services” as described above.


The operator will invoice the Employer only when the Employer has hired a Candidate through the system. The Employer will be invoiced for the amount of the Referral Reward plus 25% of the Referral Reward amount which is an administration fee for the services of the system (the minimum Referral Reward offered to Referrers is 5,000.00 CZK).

If the person hired for the position is contacted directly by the Employer who submitted the job offer to the JobLink system then there is no Referral Reward payment and the operator will only invoice the Employer for the administration fee (25% of the Referral Reward amount). Failure to pay applicable fees or charges when due may result in a terminated account and simultaneously the operator can display a note about the payment failure on its web pages, as well as list the Employer in its debtor register.

If the new hire is terminated within 90 days of the job start date, then the Reward and the administration fee shall be fully refunded to the Employer. To receive this refund the Employer must report the termination of employment to the system using the “My job offers” section. The refund shall be payable within 40 days of the termination of employment being reported.

RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF THE SYSTEM reserves the right to restrict the presentation, in particular:

  • of information that is contradictory to the laws, ethical code, or good morals of the Czech Republic
  • information with sexual connotations, such as job or work offers involving sexually oriented services
  • job or work offers that use multi-level-marketing (MLM) systems
  • information potentially harmful to the reputation of the operator or another physical or legal entity

The operator shall have the right to check adherence to the provisions of 5(1c) of the Privacy Protection Act 101/2000 Coll., as amended, and the veracity of information and its contents submitted to the system. The operator shall warn Users of a contravention of the conditions on the use of the system and may require immediate remedial measures to be taken on the part of the User or immediately delete such information from the system, even without the User’s consent.

The operator reserves the right to restrict the use of the system in the event of repeated violation of user conditions, using technical and legal means available.


A link to the security and privacy policy is posted on the main page.


The operator reserves the right to change this User Agreement at any time by posting a new version on the system. The contractual relations between the operator and the User shall always be subject to the User Agreement in effect on the day when it has been accepted by the User in the system.

The operator reserves the right to make changes to the system at any time without notice. Users agree that the operator is not liable for any damage caused by usage of the system.