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The JobLink system is not a typical job board such as Monster or Jobs.cz. JobLink.cz works like this:

  • An employer submits a job offer to the JobLink system and offers a financial reward for referrals leading to successful candidates.
  • The employer then informs their employees and any other contacts about the job offer and the referral reward.
  • These people then inform their friends and they inform their friends.
  • During this process the job offer also gets to people who are actually interested in the position. If one of them is accepted for the job position and is still hired after 90 days then the JobLink system pays the referral reward amount to the people who connected the employer to the successful candidate (Most referral rewards are paid to one or two people).

Why is JobLink such a good option for recruiting new talents

Use the system for free, pay only for successful hires

Creating a new JobLink user account, posting a job offer, even publishing job offers in the job list is all free. You pay only when you successfully hire through JobLink a new employee. If the new hire’s employment is terminated within 90 days of the job start date, then JobLink fully refunds the amount paid.

Reduce Cost-Per-Hire

The usual cost of getting a new hire through a traditional recruitment agency is three to ten times the amount of the new hire’s monthly salary. If you are for example seeking a programmer with starting monthly salary CZK 50k, then you’ll have to pay about CZK 150k to a traditional recruitment agency. In this case we recommend you to offer CZK 50k as the referral reward because it still means a significant cost reduction for you but on the other side this amount provides huge motivation to the people who will help you to fill your opening by providing their references.
The following table shows cost reduction when recruiting 1 to 5 people

Number of hired candidates 1 2 3 4 5
Cost at a traditional recruitment agency 150 000 Kč 300 000 Kč 450 000 Kč 600 000 Kč 750 000 Kč
Cost when using JobLink including the administration fee:
Referral reward = 50 000 Kč
Admin. fee 25% of the reward = 12 500 Kč
62 500 Kč 125 000 Kč 187 500 Kč 250 000 Kč 312 500 Kč
Total savings 87 500 Kč 175 000 Kč 262 500 Kč 350 000 Kč 437 500 Kč

Access to quality candidates

Job ads and traditional recruitment agencies usually talk to people who actively look for jobs because they either have no jobs or their current jobs are in jeopardy. The fact is that the best people do not look for jobs because they already have jobs. And this is where JobLink is great. JobLink manages also to reach to employed people who only consider job offers when it’s passed to them from someone they know and trust.

No business overhead tied to reward money disbursement

The logistics of disbursing the reward money to referrals is fully handled by the JobLink system.

Improve employee morale and productivity

Involve employees in the hiring process and pay them for their help some of the money you’d pay for job advertisement and to recruitment agencies.
Submit your job vacancies to the JobLink system, offer referral rewards and then inform your employees about it. 

Referral program performance reports

Employers can check at any time how their referral programs are developing, number and status of candidates, number and performance indicators of referrals. Employers can use this data to do timely and informed decisions.

Reward money does not increase labour expenses

Referral reward money does not add to labour expenses as the JobLink system takes care of disbursing the money to referrals. Referral reward money is included on invoices issued by the JobLink system to employers for its services.

Standardized communication processes when referring job offers

Standardized communication processes when referring job offers and expressing interest in job offers make sure that referral programs are not refused for their complexity and lack of transparency (no arguments about who referred what candidates).
JobLink uses standard communication tools widely used by the internet user community. Simultaneously JobLink maintains high reliability and backwards traceability of all captured data.

Extending existing employee referral programs (ERP)

Many companies have already implemented some kind of employee referral programs. But, many of them are not very satisfied with their results. One of the typical problems of these programs is that employees are only motivated to look for candidates. They could achieve much better results if they also started looking for people who would help them with the candidate searches – other referrers. For this help they would share the referral reward money with them.
For example: Company C submits a new job offer and info about referral reward to the JobLink system. Company C then informs about the offer their employee Miss. X, who then informs Mr. Y who then recommends Mr. Z. Mr Z is accepted for the Job. The JobLink system then pays half the reward to Miss X and the other half to Mr. Y.