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The JobLink system is not a typical job board such as Monster or Jobs.cz. JobLink.cz works like this:

  • An employer submits a job offer to the JobLink system and offers a financial reward for referrals leading to successful candidates.
  • The employer then informs their employees and any other contacts about the job offer and the referral reward.
  • These people (referrers) then inform their friends and they inform their friends.
  • During this process the job offer also gets to people who are actually interested in the position. If one of them is accepted for the job position and is still hired after 90 days then the JobLink system pays the referral reward amount to the people who connected the employer to the successful candidate (most referral rewards are paid to one or two people).

Help your friends to better careers and on top of that earn financial rewards!

The JobLink system is based on personal networking principals. Once you come across a JobLink job offer you can inform people you know about it and earn referral rewards for that.
What is the best is that you don't even need to know anyone who can do the job and still get a share of the reward. Just share this information with your friends and candidates that are 2-3 degrees away from you can be identified and the reward will then be split between you and your friend(s). Certainly if you know a good candidate then good for you.

For example: Company C submits a new job offer and info about referral reward to the JobLink system. Company C then informs about the offer Miss. X, who then informs Mr. Y who then recommends Mr. Z. Mr Z is accepted for the Job. The JobLink system then pays half the reward to Miss X and the other half to Mr. Y.

Where to find job offers?

Information about JobLink job offers can get to you in many ways:
  • You’ll find many job offers right here on our job board . Many companies make their job offers public so all people can recommend their friends for their job openings. Check out the list of job offers and also the attractive referral rewards these companies are offering to reward your help with candidate searches.
  • E-mails from people you know. For example from your employer or your friends.
  • You may find them on your corporate intranet.
  • On the JobLink system home page in the “Top offers” box.
  • You can also find them on various company web sites – typically in the jobs sections.
  • On various networking/community servers such as linkedin.com, myspace.com, facebook.com, etc…
  • Through an ICQ, MSN, Skype, Google talk or similar service’s messages.

How much is usually the referral reward and how is the money paid to referrers?

Companies are willing to pay lots of money to hire good talented people these days. Recruitment agencies charge a lot and job advertisement on traditional job boards can be also costly. That’s why companies benefit from motivating all people to help them find quality candidates. The amounts companies are offering to reward this help are very attractive, but they are still lower then what the companies would pay if they used traditional recruitment agencies and job advertisement.

Referral rewards in the JobLink system usually range between 10 000 CZK and 90 000 CZK.

The referral rewards are shared equally among the people who lead employers to the hired candidates.

Most referral rewards are paid to one or two people.

How you can refer job offers?

Referring a job offer in the JobLink system takes just a moment and is done in 3 steps:

  1. Finding information about a job offer and clicking on the JobLink link attached to the job offer information.
  2. Clicking the "Refer this offer to others" button, logging to the system or if you are a new user then creation of a new user name and a password.
  3. Informing your friends about the job offer and the reward.

You should realize that for increasing your chances for earning the referral rewards you need to inform 2 groups of people:

  • Potential candidates.
    Think of who does a similar job and may be interested in the job offer.
  • All other people you know.
    Anyone may know a strong candidate. The more people you inform the better are your chances for earning a share of the referral reward. It often happens that people think that they know exactly the same people as their best friends. But it’s not the truth. It may happen that your best friend’s assistant has just married a guy who would be a perfect candidate for the job opening you are helping to fill.

Your friends will not mind receiving such information because you’ll be giving them the chance to earn the bonus or to get the job.

You can refer JobLink job offers in many ways:
  • via e-mail
  • you can publish the information on your blog
  • links on your web site
  • via MSN, ICQ, Skype, GoogleTalk or similar services
  • Del.Icio.us bookmarks
  • links shared with your friends on various networking/community servers such as linkedin.com, myspace.com, facebook.com, etc….