Everybody wins with JobLink !

For employers

I'll submit job offers and will motivate people to recommend friends with the referral rewards. The offer is quickly spreading via Facebook and e-mails.

For referrers

I'll refer the offers to my friends by posting them to my Facebook wall or via e-mail. I'm pretty sure some of them will be interested or they will at least refer the offers further so we can share the rewards.

For candidates

I was not actively looking for a job but when I got the offer from my ex-colleague I said why not give it a try. I hope he'll enjoy the reward :)

  • Employers get new talented employees while dramatically reducing recruitment cost. They pay only when they successfully hire a new employee. If the new hire’s employment is terminated within 90 days of the job start date, then JobLink fully refunds the amount paid.
  • Referrers inform their friends about the job offers and earn the referral rewards just for doing that.
  • Candidates get through the JobLink system new challenging career opportunities.

Enough reasons for learning, how it works...

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  • 2.4.2010 | Advanced Search
    The Advanced Search company has become a prominent partner of the JobLink project.
  • 5.3.2010 | Facebook page
    JobLink has a Facebook profile.

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